Vegan chocolate chip cookies

I have really wanted chocolate chip cookies for a very long time. Today I just found an excuse. It’s Family Day here in Ontario and I imagine many families are baking on this day, but that is not exactly my excuse. It is just me in this big empty house, not that I’m complaining, it feels like having my own place again.

My excuse came in the form of frustration. Frustration with myself and my client and my accounting software. So, in terms of reasons, it’s not a very good one, but I will say it is better than some coping mechanisms I may have turned to at a different time in my life. Plus, I don’t want to binge on the entire batch of cookies, baking them has actually reduced the need to eat them. (I think there is some research to that effect?)

I will not reprint the recipe because it is not my own. So head on over to the Post Punk Kitchen will ya? The only change is I used soy milk because it is what I had, but I imagine almond would be even better.

I cooked some in my pizza stone and some on a pan, both with parchment. I don’t think it needs it nor the cookie sheet to be greased. As much as they look underdone, do follow the time guidelines and cooling instructions. They will be perfect. And believe me i was skeptical. I though for sure the oil would make them spread severely but the recipe is right on the mark. There is a bit is taste possibly from the tapioca starch but it is hardly noticeable and they are still amazing. Thanks to the lack of butter for forcing me to bake vegan!


Update! If it’s possible, these cookies are better the next day. (do you think you can make them last?) I don’t notice the starch taste as much, though I still will try arrowroot, nut flours and none in the future.

Update: I made the cookies with arrowroot and they seemed sweeter and were thinner, though the second tray in held its shape better. Contrary to my hypothesis that they would spread even more but it is not like it is butter that is melting, oil is not changing form!


And these were even better the next day too. Good luck with that. 🙂

I have also now made them with neither arrowroot nor tapioca. All turned out ok, but my first batch, a day later was best. Perhaps refrigerate the dough to rest before baking for similar effect.


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