Choco Banana Protein Shake

Today begins my protein powder quest. I will be testing various protein powders and various recipes for their use.

Today I am testing Genuine Health Vegan Protein+ in chocolate.


My first shake was chocolate and banana. I added extra cocoa but what I tasted was not chocolate or banana but protein powder. It tasted just as it smelled when I opened the container.

It was not repulsive nor delicious and I was able to force it down.

Adding a tablespoon of almond butter made that the dominant flavour without replacing the protein powder flavour.

The texture was smooth and agreeable. Almond butter added some grit but still not disagreeable. *note once I made it with the whole scoop of powder it did become a bit chalky. My blender is small, however, so I am not using much liquid or ice.

Here is the recipe I made (and while not original, also ubiquitous thus I cannot source it). I used what I had and thought would work, but this is a recipe i’ve seen everywhere.

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I originally made with half but if I’m going to taste it anyway I might as well get the whole serving)
1/2 cup milk or water*
6 or so ice cubes*
1 banana
1 tbsp cocoa

Whir everything in a blender. I have an imitation magic bullet. Works just fine.
* amounts depend on what fits in my blender but a full size blender should fit this and more to make a creamier or icier smoothie.

I was not asked to review this product, given the product or any compensation.


4 thoughts on “Choco Banana Protein Shake

  1. The first step is to know your protein, and to realize that whey protein isolate is the best choice. Whey protein isolate is sold in whey protein powder form. Learn to read labels carefully to ensure that you are getting the right product – the one that contains everything you want, as well as the one that uses a manufacturing process that doesn’t filter out or reduce the beneficial nutrients of the product. Educate yourself, and you won’t have to depend on a sales clerk knowing what you need….you will know, and you will know how to examine labels to find what you do need. ..

    • I agree that it is important to know your protein. If you have read my blog you will see that I am gluten free and vegan so whey protein is not the best choice for me. The protein used in this comment was something I found at the grocery store and you will see I did like it in my protein cookie bars. Look forward to 3 more types of protein that I ordered, as well as likely more as I try them.

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