And I so wanted pancakes…

I have been wanting pancakes for a long time. I am especially proud of myself for not just reaching for the mix of white flour and artificial ingredients that is a boxed pancake mix.

In keeping with my protein powder roll I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: have my pancakes and test my protein powder too. (I am testing Genuine Health Vegan Protein+ in double chocolate)

Now I should have guessed that I was doomed from the start but the thought didn’t cross my mind, or I didn’t listen to the nagging: “Protein powder is not flour”, “You don’t like the taste of this in a similarly flavoured shake.” But I had to give it a chance. I wanted pancakes.

So I pulled up the recipe for chocolate protein pancakes from Charissa at the colourful palate and set to making pancakes.

I used up nearly all my almond milk thinning the batter and so I would have had enough pancakes for 4 people.


This is when I came to my first realization: I should have used one scoop of protein powder. For me one scoop is a serving with similar nutritional values.

The “pancakes” left holes like regular pancakes though they didn’t bubble exactly. Still, I took this as a sign to turn them, but they never held together. I ended up with piles of mush.


I cooked the now pancake-piles so I could taste test them (they have egg, which I prefer cooked, thank you) (EDIT oh how far I’ve come in a year…now no egg please!). They were gross. They tasted like my protein powder and nothing more. Why I should expect then to, I don’t know.

The first smoothie I made with this powder was choco-banana and it really wasn’t good, so if anything, I should have already known what these pancakes might taste like.

So, the recipe didn’t work for me. I am skeptical as to how protein powder can hold up like flour in a pancake. I do realize that I am using a different protein powder, a vegan one at that. The milk ingredients may help the recipe. So please do try Charissa’s recipe, but use the protein powder she used or at least a whey protein, and make sure it’s one you like the taste of.

Edit: Okay, so many protein pancakes I’ve seen are actually based on the egg-banana pancake (flourless) and what I’ve learned is the eggs can’t be replaced in this recipe. So it may not be the protein but the eggs that is the problem. I may need to approach protein pancakes from an entirely new perspective. That said, I do have a new panache recipe without protein powder that still manages a fair but of protein.
I will link when I find it!


3 thoughts on “And I so wanted pancakes…

  1. Awww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you! I’ve tried a protein pancake with a raw brown rice powder before and I didn’t really like it either. I think it really does need to be whey for this recipe. :0)

    • Thanks for the comment Charissa. I am going to try it as part of a regular pancake recipe. Flour (even a bit) and an egg replacer should do the trick.

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