Strawberry chocolate smoothie

Well this is promising! Guess what it is?


A strawberry chocolate protein smoothie. More than that, it’s something that is finally masking the flavour of my Genuine Health Protein+ powder (double chocolate, supposedly)

If you’ve missed it, scroll through the previous posts for choco-banana smoothie, mocha frapuccino smoothie and protein pancake (fail!). All the other things I have made with this protein powder. The mocha frap had been my go-to because it was quick and easy and the least objectionable. Ya that’s what I want in a smoothie, “it isn’t the most disgusting one…”

Nothing really covered up the taste of the powder, which I dislike so much that I will not be testing it with water, plain. If you like the taste of your protein powder, all of these things will taste better. Perhaps by the end of this giant tub of protein, I will be used to the taste. Perhaps that’s why anyone says protein powder tastes good. Because so far, I think they are all lying. 🙂

But, my mind is also somewhat changing with this latest smoothie, and with a few adjustments, it may actually taste good. See, I’ve found something to cover up the taste of the protein: strawberries!

Here’s how I made it today:

Chocolate strawberry smoothie

6-8 strawberries. About a cup
1 banana
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
(which does not taste like chocolate btw)
1 tsp chocolate syrup
Water if needed to get the consistency you like.

I used frozen strawberries, which my imitation bullet could not blend, so I microwaved them to defrost them. I blended the strawberries and found it to be a thick creamy purée and with the addition of banana and protein I needed a bit of water (maybe 1/4 cup). You could use juice or almond milk, anything really.

Here’s what I’ll try next time: no banana. More strawberries. Maybe I’ll even get up the nerve to drop the syrup, though it would taste like strawberries, not chocolate and strawberry. Who knew strawberry had such a powerful flavour?

Let me know if you try the recipe I made or plan to make. I will be back with an update when I make it myself.

Update: I did make it with more berries and no banana, and I was surprised to find it did not cover up the protein powder taste as well. It is not the banana alone, as I have used it before, but in fact strawberry and banana together that did the trick.


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