The Skinny. Makes me sick.

I am moving. While this is awesome and exciting, it is at the same time a lot of work. I have, literally, to get rid of half my stuff or more to be able to go from a house to an apartment.

In the process of clearing my bookshelf I discovered a book called The Skinny by Patricia Marx and Susan Sistrom. Well, I opened it up and it was immediately apparent that it was something I had bought in the days of my eating disorder.

The good news is my reaction; it tells me just how far I’ve come. When I had an eating disorder or soon after, this would have been very triggering. Now, I am just disgusted. How could anyone actually publish such stuff? It is the psychological equivalent of smut. Please boycott this book. Write the publisher (dell trade paperbacks). Tell them that you think pro-eating disorder literature is not humor.

I will admit that I fell prey to thinspiration in the worst of my eating disorder, but I know it was so detrimental. I really needed somewhere to belong. I found that at an eating disorder support group, for which I am eternally grateful.

You will be happy to know that I have plans to destroy the book at my next appointment with my psychiatrist (which unfortunately is after my move so I have to keep it safe during that).

I will be back with some more body love, as I have started something a few days ago that I have yet to post!


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