What I’ve learned about tastes

Our tastes change. That’s a fact. I just had a coffee the other day, the way I always have gotten it from the coffee shop, and it was way too sweet. I have obviously been using much less sugar in my coffee at home. (interestingly, one sugar in a small is good. A medium, too sweet).

The same goes for our food choices. I may look at something and think “how can that taste good?” Or “how can that take the place of the refined white sugar (etc) variety to which i am accustomed?”


Today, I am thinking specifically about milk, though it could apply to anything. When I first started drinking alternative (non-dairy) milks, it wasn’t the unsweetened, un-flavoured variety that I use today. In fact, it was sweetened, vanilla coconut milk beverage, then almond, then soy (if necessary). Even then I avoided some cereals because they didn’t taste good with the flavour of almond or soy. (or I used dairy milk!) I stuck to cereals that were already nutty in flavour.

And I certainly didn’t drink it plain.
Skip ahead (maybe a year or even by 6 months) and I am using unsweetened, unflavored milks (almond preferably), eating all the cereals that I avoided, and I have not had dairy milk in that year.

I still don’t drink a glass of milk… I’m much happier with water.

So, don’t worry about the crazy healthy foods you meet during your transition to veganism of gluten free, you can ease into them.


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