Clean out the fridge cannelloni

I was inspired by Melo to create something new out of the things in my fridge.



Leftover sauce and beans plus some mushrooms, zucchini, herbs….


Leftover cashew ricotta stuffed into cannelloni


Et Voila.

I used: cashew cheese (from lasagna), tomato sauce (from cabbage rolls), tomatoes, tomato paste, beans, mushrooms, zucchini, ready to make cannelloni noodles. Herbs. Total new cost $1.65.

I’m sorry there is no recipe but I didn’t measure and it’s pretty well a throw all the stuff in the pot. Cheese in the pasta. Cover with sauce. Bake. Exciting, I know. Well it was, considering all I usually do with leftovers is eat the same thing for a week straight. Now I’ve made something new instead.

Trust your gut. Have fun.

See also Clean out the fridge burgers for more inspiration


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