I have made a decision about this blog. At least that is one area of my life in which I have. I have decided to rename and rebrand it. The Newest You does not reflect the things that I have been posting on this blog. While I lament that I have not been posting on that theme, to keep that name and theme on a wish does not make sense. So welcome to Friendly Vegan on the Run. I was so named by my wonderful staff where I volunteer. This is my journey to wellness through food and an experiment really as I journey forward in gluten-free and vegan living. That does fit with the premise of The Newest You, but I have posted basically nothing but food posts, so it is time to call it what it is: a food blog. I may revive I am not sure. I do know what I am doing here (and that’s cooking). Now, what am I doing with my  life…? 😉

Ps sorry to keep changing the theme as I am trying to find what is me and my blog at the moment and it takes a while living in it before I decide that it does or does not suit me. I will try to stcik with this one.


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