Pecan pie larabar balls


Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of this sooner? I have been using variations on date+almond larabar balls. A simple switch to pecans makes these pecan pie. Three ingredients. Two minutes. If you don’t know how easy date balls are to make, you’re missing out.

I cannot be the person who has one treat or one cheat day a week. These are a healthy simple way to indulge my sweet tooth and still look good in a bridesmaid dress.

Handful of dates 1 cup dates
Handful of pecans 3/4 cup pecans
Splash of vanilla 1/2 tsp vanilla

(Edit: There you have it, measurements!)

That’s it. If you know me, you know I’m not great about measuring. I just throw things in and go. I will make these again and try to measure it out for you but it really is so easy not to. Throw everything in the food processor and blend it until it forms a dough and nuts are sufficiently chopped. Too wet? Add pecans. Too dry add dates or vanilla if you don’t want then any sweeter. Roll into balls and throw in the freezer or fridge. I use the freezer.

Note: pecans are soft so you can throw everything together. If you are using hard nuts I recommend putting them in first and giving them a rough chop first.



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