The Skinny. Makes me sick.

I am moving. While this is awesome and exciting, it is at the same time a lot of work. I have, literally, to get rid of half my stuff or more to be able to go from a house to an apartment.

In the process of clearing my bookshelf I discovered a book called The Skinny by Patricia Marx and Susan Sistrom. Well, I opened it up and it was immediately apparent that it was something I had bought in the days of my eating disorder.

The good news is my reaction; it tells me just how far I’ve come. Continue reading


And I so wanted pancakes…

I have been wanting pancakes for a long time. I am especially proud of myself for not just reaching for the mix of white flour and artificial ingredients that is a boxed pancake mix.

In keeping with my protein powder roll I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: have my pancakes and test my protein powder too. (I am testing Genuine Health Vegan Protein+ in double chocolate)

Now I should have guessed that I was doomed from the start but the thought didn’t cross my mind, or I didn’t listen to the nagging: “Protein powder is not flour”, “You don’t like the taste of this in a similarly flavoured shake.” But I had to give it a chance. I wanted pancakes. Continue reading