Curried Coleslaw Three Ways


I wanted to make coleslaw with my final quarter of a cabbage (wow $2 goes a long way! I made cabbage rolls, hot and sour cabbage soup, added some to a mixed salad and finally this…) Not only am I going to give you a money saving recipe, I am going to give you three variations. Continue reading

What I’ve learned about tastes

Our tastes change. That’s a fact. I just had a coffee the other day, the way I always have gotten it from the coffee shop, and it was way too sweet. I have obviously been using much less sugar in my coffee at home. (interestingly, one sugar in a small is good. A medium, too sweet).

The same goes for our food choices. I may look at something and think “how can that taste good?” Or “how can that take the place of the refined white sugar (etc) variety to which i am accustomed?” Continue reading

Peanut butter cookies

I had a craving for peanut butter cookies this morning. I already knew how to make them gluten-free. (Pb+eggs+sugar=cookies), but not vegan. I don’t even have eggs in the house if I wanted to use them (which I don’t). So I went on a search. Well, I didn’t search far. I tried the second one I landed upon, with a few modifications.
Continue reading

The Skinny. Makes me sick.

I am moving. While this is awesome and exciting, it is at the same time a lot of work. I have, literally, to get rid of half my stuff or more to be able to go from a house to an apartment.

In the process of clearing my bookshelf I discovered a book called The Skinny by Patricia Marx and Susan Sistrom. Well, I opened it up and it was immediately apparent that it was something I had bought in the days of my eating disorder.

The good news is my reaction; it tells me just how far I’ve come. Continue reading